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Teamwork is a cliché term when discussing company philosophy. It can mean any number of things to any number of people. To realize a truly cooperative environment Pathfinder Foods must highlight a teamwork standard to allow all members to work towards increased efficiency and job satisfaction.

Firstly, to be a contributing member of a team one must feel worthwhile as an individual. Pathfinder Foods has identified that is essential for individuals to feel appreciated and recognized for the jobs and tasks they undertake. Currently, programs and structures such as benefits packages, educational allowances, performance reviews, bonus systems and human resource support are in place to ensure individuals are rewarded for the exceptional effort they put-forth everyday. If each employee is able to strive for, and eventually realize, various personal goals, Pathfinder Foods will continue to be a dynamic and exciting organization to work for.

While it is essential for each employee to derive maximum satisfaction from his or her responsibilities, only in a cooperative and helpful team environment will Pathfinder Foods, and its employees, succeed. Pathfinder Foods has continued to recognize the importance of corporate divisions and redefinition of the many areas of their business. More importantly Pathfinder Foods has instilled structures and procedures within respective departments to facilitate increased efficiency and group cohesion. As members of respective departments, employees are expected to utilize company procedures and cooperate to continually deliver the superior products and services for which Pathfinder Foods is known. This cooperation may take many forms, such as, departmental goals, deadline observation, team exercises and training, and information and responsibility sharing. Ultimately, with strong individual effort and dedication, departments become exceptional teams.

Exceptional departmental teams lend to an overall cooperative environment. The structures that have recently been implemented throughout Pathfinder Foods’ divisions underscore a need for consistency in an extremely competitive industry. It is of the utmost importance that Pathfinder Foods continues to quantify and measure all operational aspects of the business, so as to gauge overall performance and identify areas that require improvement. It is in this continued evolution that Pathfinder Foods will guarantee success and demonstrate expansion. These underlying structures are not meant to stifle creativity by imposing stringent bureaucratic red tape, but rather to give departments, and ultimately Pathfinder Foods, a solid ground from which to innovate and evolve.

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